RUMOR: Demon’s Souls 2 Coming To PS4
Demon's Souls

The now-popularized Souls franchise from FromSoftware has its roots in a lesser-known PlayStation 3 exclusive called Demon’s Souls—a cult-classic that went on to inspire a little title called Dark Souls. Though, Dark Souls proved to be a smash hit that even made the jump to PC through its Prepare to Die Edition, Demon’s Souls was never able to break out of its niche. And with Dark Souls 2 inching closer to its 2014 release date, it seemed like the game that started it all was as doomed to die.

Swedish retailer CDON doesn’t seem to think so, however. In fact, they’ve listed Demon’s Souls 2 as a PS4 exclusive. Then again they’ve also got Dead Rising 3, an Xbox One exclusive, and Titanfall, for which a PS4 version hasn’t been confirmed, pegged as PS4 titles. So, the rumored fan love-letter should be taken with more than a grain of salt—I’m thinking at least an Estus Flask worth. 

Regardless, the popularity surrounding Dark Souls 2 is testimony to the popularity of FromSoftware’s IP, and seeing the Souls franchise take the route of other RPG series and divide into two core franchises wouldn’t be strange. After all, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has spoken optimistically (and vaguely) about the possibility in the past. “But personally, I love Demon’s Souls. I spent hours and hours and hours [playing it],” Yoshida explained. “I love the team, I love the game, and yeah, I’d really like to see more. But that’s all that I will say.

Sony has confirmed more to-be-announced games for this year’s Gamescom, so the possibility remains. If Demon’s Souls 2 does get shot down, at least we’ll still have Dark Souls 2.

If you want to check out Dark Souls 2, click here to find the game’s latest trailer.

Source: Gematsu

by Austin Wood
07/01/2013 11:10PM


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