Xbox One May Be Running Windows 8

Ever since its initial reveal, the Glass-powered interface on the Xbox One has raised several parallels between it and Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 8. The OS’s widespread tablet implementation would fit with the Kinect control scheme, so it’s no big surprise to hear that the Xbox One may run Windows 8 apps. And Steve Guggenheimer, vice president of developer and platform evangelism over at MS, has all but confirmed just that.

“Xbox One has two engines: it’s got a gaming engine, and it essentially has a Windows 8 engine,” he explained. When pressed about future compatibility between the two, Guggenheimer replied (as reported by The Verge): “Nothing to announce today, but when I talk about that common core you’re seeing that common core in action, being able to target other devices over time that run the Windows 8 platform.”

It’s no secret that the Xbox One is on shaky ground, nor can anyone deny the underwhelming success of Windows 8. With that said, it looks like Microsoft is attempting to build their own earthquake with this combination. A terribly destructive, all-consuming earthquake.

Source: Destructoid

by Austin Wood
07/01/2013 11:20PM


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