Xbox One Will Support QR Code Vouchers
Xbox One

If the Kinect is going to be mandatory, you might as well benefit from it. Following up on a Reddit post that requested the use of QR codes in lieu of the multi-digit monstrosities we’re currently required to input by way of D-pad and patience, Microsoft’s Marc Whitten tweeted a confirmation that this exact function would be available. “To my reddit friends – yup – this works!”

It’s a minor quality-of-life feature, but it’s the sort of thing that just makes sense given the technology in question. Maybe from here we can look at installing parental controls based on who’s in sight of the camera, rather than a password. Maybe that would keep the twelve-year-olds out of your Call of Duty.

Source: IGN

by Shelby Reiches
07/02/2013 12:15PM


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