Saints Row IV Low Violence Version Shows Up On Steam
Saints Row IV

Recently, Australia took issue with Saints Row IV and it’s giant purple dildo swords. However, Volition has decided to play Australia’s game and release a “low violence” version of Saints Row 4.

The new version of the game recently appeared on the Australian version of Steam and is complete with a “low violence” tag. Unfortunately, the page didn’t reveal anything about the changes that were made. Will alien anal probes still exist? Will you still be able to snort alien cocaine in order to get super powers? Will you even be able to wield guns or giant hulk fists anymore?

Saints Row IV was the first game to be denied Australia’s new R18+ rating, a rating specifically designed to allow mature games to be marketed and sold in Aussie territory. One has to ask, if the ARB is just going to start banning games that they feel are too mature for their mature rating, what is the point of having a mature rating to begin with?

Source: Joystiq

by Angelo D'Argenio
07/02/2013 12:30PM


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