New Player Skins Make Borderlands 2 That Much More Colorful
Borderlands 2

In anticipation of the coming release of Tiny Tina’s own DLC pack (watch the reveal here), Gearbox has managed to inject something strange and colorful into Borderlands 2: new character skins. Although the newest vault hunter, Krieg, received special treatment and was given a total of four skins and heads, all six vault hunters were included in the DLC.


Zero has been given some sort of Spiderant-esque makeover and now sports a giant, bug-eyed head and matching camouflage suit. Everyone’s favorite Siren, Maya, has taken a pink page out of the hair-band handbook. Salvadore is now gunzerking in gloriously tuxedoed fashion, and the game’s own soldier is 100% more soldier-y. They didn’t forget the game’s only Mechromancer either, who now looks even more like a grease-monkey.

Best of all, the skin/head combos are up for grabs at only $.99 each. Unfortunately, they aren’t included in the Season Pass content.

Source: GameInformer

by Austin Wood
07/02/2013 03:30PM


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