Nintendo Pioneers A New Stage Of Development
Mario & Luigi Dream Team

Gamers are intimately familiar with the beta stage of game development, especially in a day and age when many companies are currently bringing those players into the process. Preceding that, though, is the alpha stage, which most players of a game will never see.

With Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, though, Nintendo has instituted what they’ve deem the gamma stage, a third major build in the development process. This is a direct product of the 3DS’ hardware environment, which presents the added challenge of producing visuals that hold up in stereoscopic 3D, even when they mix polygonal and sprite-based elements.

As such, the game has been in the works since Bowser’s Inside Story was finished back in 2009. It will be out on the 3DS on August 11.

Source: Kotaku

by Shelby Reiches
07/03/2013 02:15PM


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