Is Sony Teasing A New Game?
DUST 514


Sony has now released an updated teaser image that amends the phrase to “When Worlds Collide, Heroes Return.” The image itself has also seen an unveiling, and now more closely resembles some sort of sci-fi gateway. Considering Insomniac Games is captioned below the image, we can guess that Ratchet & Clank is somehow involved. Then again, Insomniac has already declared a new IP exclusive to the Xbox One, so they could easily have a similar surprise in store for the PS4. (Reported by Gematsu



There was a time when I assumed there to be a limit to how vague, obscure and grainy teaser images and trailers could be for video games. However, after enduring Bethesda’s Vine campaign for The Evil Within, I felt that nothing could ever surprise me with its ambiguity. As of today, Sony has shattered that bar with the Tweeted release of a single teaser image depicting a purple semi-circle, presumably to be taken as some sort of eclipse, emblazoned with the words “When Worlds Collide.”

This new… project (game? TV series? Sandwich?) was quickly labeled a throwback to a 2009 issue of Edge (through NeoGAF), which featured a promotion for Dust 514. Through logic so circuitous that I’d rather not fathom it, Dust become the only credible explanation for whatever this planet thing is.

We’ll let you know when Sony starts speaking English, so stay tuned.

Source: GameSpot

by Austin Wood
07/09/2013 03:45PM


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