Mark Cerny Thinks That The PS4 Will Launch Renaissance In Gaming
PlayStation 4

After nearly every gamer’s attention was trained on Sony during the PS4’s February reveal. And since then, Sony has gone on to dominate the next-generation race. Sony’s E3 2013 conference detailed their complete dismissal of trade and connectivity limitations, as well as their open support of indie developers, which quickly won them a firm standing. Commenting on these developments and more at today’s Developer Conference in Brighton, PS4 lead architect Mark Cerny explained that “we know that variety is a key part of the appeal of the PlayStation.”

Cerny also admitted that, during the PlayStation 3’s development, “We were just thinking about our games; we didn’t think about our platforms,” which led to problems for software development. However, he also asserted that Sony has since “radically simplified” the development and approval process for PS4 which will engender a more productive process.

“As a result of these technical, business and platform values, we believe that a renaissance of gaming is coming on PS4. Heavy content will thrive on the platform, but in many ways we’re also returning to the creative freedom and broad content of the original PlayStation.”

Source: develop-online

by Austin Wood
07/10/2013 04:15PM


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