Microsoft Rewards Program Being Refitted
Microsoft Flight

In light of Microsoft’s decision to replace the points system with a standard currency marketplace, the Xbox Live Rewards Program had remained unaddressed. Given that it rewarded Xbox Live members for participation in surveys and such with the soon-to-be defunct Microsoft Points, this does present something of an issue.

Microsoft has now announced that they are aware of this issue and that, as of August 1, MSP will no longer be rewarded for participation in the program. They promise that there will be an alternative, to be announced, but their reluctance to reveal it at this time begs the question of whether it will be some form of credit or something entirely unrelated to the old system. They promise a full reveal on the Rewards website on September 1.

For those who still have leftover points in their Xbox Live Rewards as of August 7, those will be automatically transferred over to your gamertag and converted to your country’s local currency.

Source: Stevivor

by Shelby Reiches
07/11/2013 11:35AM


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