Guerrilla Games Reveals Killzone: Shadow Fall Pre-Order Bonuses
Killzone: Shadow Fall

When trudging through the countless claims of innovation that the next console generation has stirred up, at least one thing remains familiar: Developers love tacking stuff onto pre-orders. From Call of Duty Ghosts’s included multiplayer map to RPG art books, we’re sure to see plenty of “Buy this and you get this” on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As of today, Killzone: Shadow Fall has hopped on the bandwagon and is now boasting some colorful pre-order giveaways of its own. 

Here’s what North American and European gamers will get:

  • A unique OWL skin to customize your own little flying Deathbot.
  • A unique multiplayer taunt designed specifically for infuriating defeated enemies. Crouching repeatedly is a thing of the past thanks to this Spotlight Move.
  • The game’s original soundtrack. You’ll get all the dramatic war-tunes of Shadow Fall all on one disc.

Source: Gematsu

by Austin Wood
07/11/2013 04:20PM


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