BioShock Vita Not Totally Dead. Totally.
BioShock: Infinite

The PS Vita has become the go-to location for premier console ports, with games like LittleBigPlanet and Disgaea 4 at the forefront. With that said, it becomes a no-brainer to put a title as successful as the original BioShock on the thing—an idea that had been suggested by Irrational Games in the past. However, as recently indicated by studio cofounder and creative director Ken Levine, the odds of BioShock: Vita becoming a reality are a bit slim.

“I talked to both Sony and 2k about it yesterday,” Levin said. “Trying to make a match,” he concluded, later confirming that the discussions in question were on Sony and 2k approving the project at all. This means that, though the possibility still exists, a Vita version is not currently in development. This echoes Levine’s previous comment that BioShock fans shouldn’t get too excited, because, currently, a Vita release is about as likely as seeing a sane villain in the next BioShock game.

Source: Gamespot

by Austin Wood
07/15/2013 05:30PM


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