Cliff Bleszinski Teases Brand New Project
Gears of War 3

When our good friend Cliff Bleszinski isn’t giving pep talks to indie developers, he actually spends his time working on videogames. And it appears as thoguh Cliff is actually working on a brand new project, but we’re still pretty hazy on the details. Instead, Cliff gave us a piece of concept art by Shaddy Safadi former senior concept artist at Naughty Dog. He notes that the image has been cropped to leave details out, but it’s definitely enough to get the speculation train rolling.

The image shows a canyon with a soldier standing on a rock beside a river. There appears to be a military gunboat on the river, complete with mounted turret. However, that’s not the most peculiar part of the picture. If you look closely, you can see that pieces of the surrounding mountainside look as if they have simply been deleted. Rocks are floating in midair and whole chunks of the cliff face seem to have simply been cut out. Remember, this is concept art so it’s not just an error in graphical processing. CliffyB’s new project may be weirder than we all expected.

Source: GamesRadar

by Angelo D'Argenio
08/02/2013 03:40PM


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