BioWare Backtracks on Human-Only Main Character in Inquisition

The Dragon Age RPG series from BioWare is an interesting case study for the genre in that it obeys the traditional pattern of following an explosively popular original release with a divisive entry that invariably sparks the need to return to its root formula. We’ve seen this pattern drag on through Final Fantasy and other mammoth franchises, but Dragon Age did it in only two releases.

Luckily, it seems Bioware will retain their breakneck pace in the pattern and continue the series on a high note with Dragon Age: Inquisition. The developer has now confirmed (via GameInformer) that the third installment in the DA series will bring race selection back to the character-creation process.

At first, BioWare had indicated that the main character would be human only. Creative director Mike Laidlaw personally commented on the change in a recent tweet: “For the record, yes, I was the guy who said we were human-only for the Inquisitor. At the time, it was true. NO LONGER.” This is likely in direct response to player outrage over being stuck as a human in Dragon Age 2.


In addition, the team plans to steer Inquisition back to a freer definition of open-world with “large and varied environments.” Better still, thanks to the confirmed addition of mounts—a first for the series—we won’t be stuck walking through them.

Source: GameInformer via Eurogamer

08/07/2013 06:55PM


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