Amazon Might Be Developing a Home Console


Despite the obvious struggles of the fledgling OUYA system, it seems that retail giant Amazon is still gunning to get in on the console market (via sources from GameInformer). The company has long since been in the business of mobile games, but only recently has their name popped up in relation to an OUYA-like console.

The problems that continue to hinder the OUYA (namely shoddy releases) should not be taken as innately branded on Amazon’s unnamed contender. Although a dedicated console may seem like a needless milestone in the Android—and, by extension, mobile—gaming craze, the influence of Amazon lends credence to the potential of the idea. 


Amazon’s reach extends to virtually every major electronics retailer worldwide, which not only spells unique promotional and distribution opportunities for its possible system, but also additional growth through partnerships with television manufacturers.

Source: GameInformer

08/09/2013 02:30PM


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