Dragon’s Crown Confirmed for Europe in Late 2013


Continental Europe has been getting the short straw lately, with the Xbox One delayed for many surrounding countries, and several releases hitting weeks after their North American debut. Luckily, everyone over in the EU will be getting their hands on Dragon’s Crown, Atlus’ new 2D RPG, and all its lovely assets, come October 11th. Given the comical proportions of the game’s highly stylized (read: sexualized) art style, I cannot emphasize assets enough.

It may not be a two-week gap, but Dragon’s Crown’s October release is a far cry above the grueling localization periods that often plague the RPG genre. Besides, the game’s stateside critical acclaim and Japanese success makes the wait a bit more justified. (Or painful, depending on how patient you are.) 


If you aren’t hyped enough already, check out our full review of Dragon’s Crown to find out what you have to look forward to.

Source: PushSquare 

08/15/2013 08:10PM


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