Surprisingly, Amnesia: Dark Descent Sequel Receives Release Date


Although the horror genre has become exponentially more popular in recent months, the traditional scarcity of horror sequels remains intact. This makes the impending release of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs all the more exciting, despite its history of delays that could put even Rayman Legends to shame.

Succeeding the runaway success of Amnesia: Dark Descent, the 2010 adventure title from Frictional Games, A Machine for Pigs is being developed by The Chinese Room, which had originally announced the title for a Q3 2012 release. However, after delays in July 2012, February 2013, and most recently June 2013, the sequel seemed like a lost cause.


Luckily, The Chinese Room today announced the “final” release date for the PC-only game: September 10th. Pre-orders are live for $15.99, offering a small discount from the launch price of $19.99.

Source: Polygon

08/16/2013 07:15PM


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