Sony Claims PS4 Is "World's Most Powerful Console"

At Gamescom today, Sony claimed that the PS4 is "the world's most powerful console."  Although some may assume that this statement only applies to consoles released today, considering that the PS4 has yet to be released, and the Xbox One has also yet to be released, it's highly likely that Sony included the Xbox One in its statement. 

This statement was made in a presentation designed to promote Sony's compatiability with developers. The presenter said "a renaissance" for gaming is coming. He went on to say that "heavy content" will continue to be on the platform, but the console will also cater towards providing indie developers with a powerful tool that facilitates creativity. 

It's clear that Sony believes a new era of gaming is approaching, and that its console will vanguard the movement.  With such confidence in its new system, the company may be right.

08/20/2013 01:45PM


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