Rocksmith 2014 Will Teach You How To Play the Ukulele
Rocksmith 2014 Edition
Ubisoft’s Rocksmith is a music franchise that doesn’t just let you press colored buttons to the beat of your favorite rock songs. It actually teaches you how to play guitar! Any electric string instrument can plug into the game and be used as a controller… ANY electric string instrument. Yes, this means that electric ukuleles and violins will work as well. In fact, executive producer Nao Higo confirmed as much in a statement to Joystiq. Specifically Higo was talking about the game’s Session mode, which gives you a virtual jam band that will play along with whatever music you are playing. The screen would still show the frets of a guitar, which are much different from a Ukulele or Violin, but the band would operate just fine. Unfortunately, the main game can’t be played with any instrument other than an electric guitar, once again due to the differences in frets between instruments. 
Although, one has to wonder if it would take too much effort to simply patch new frets in for other string instruments, considering that the instruments will connect to the game just fine. We can only hope to see Rocksmith: Ukulele Edition in 2015. Source: Joystiq
Angelo M. D'Argenio
Angelo M. D'Argenio

Former Contributing Writer
Date: 08/23/2013

08/23/2013 04:10PM


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