Left 4 Dead 3 Development Traced Back to Mid-2012


The early August flare-up of Valve’s project line, brought on by a series of Reddit image leaks, put three notoriously obscure projects under the spotlight once more: Half-Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3, and the Source 2 engine. To the dismay of conspiracy nuts everywhere, newer testimony from a Half-Life voice actor has diminished the chances of a Half-Life 3 (he later claimed actors are usually the last to know anything). Left 4 Dead 3 and Source 2, however, have remained wholly plausible. Better still, a new update (courtesy of the inexhaustible scouring of NeoGAF) has uncovered yet another bit of supporting evidence. This time, it’s straight from an official Valve video (seen above). 


The video shows a speed drawing of a Lobster Hunter by Andrea Wicklund. More importantly, a folder titled “L4D3” shows up in the background, and with a “last modified” date of July 31st, 2012. Similarly, related image files show a date of June 12th 2012. On one hand, this points to Left 4 Dead 3 having begun its development process (though to what extent we may never know) back in mid-2012. At the same time, it could also simply mean Valve is as good at teasing players as ever. 

Until Valve lays out the red carpet leading to a retail copy of the zombie sequel with obnoxious neon lights around it, we’d best stay cautious in our optimism.

Source: Examiner

08/24/2013 02:05AM


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