Second of Four Metro: Last Light DLC Expansions Announced
Metro: Last Light

  Developer Deep Silver today released additional details on the previously announced Metro: Last Light DLC, the Tower Pack. In a stark departure from the game’s iconic emphasis on survival, the Tower Pack throws players into a distinctly arena-styled challenge. Tower entrants are pitted against wave upon wave of increasingly difficult baddies, with limited supplies and weapons to work with.    Commenting on the challenge of the DLC, Deep Silver said the following: “The best players in this combat simulator will need to master Metro’s unique, hand-made weaponry and deep combat mechanics in order to reach the top of the global leaderboards. “

  Excluding season pass holders, the Tower Pack will be up grabs for $4.99 worldwide via Steam, Xbox Live, and the PlayStation Network on September 3rd. However, European PS3 users will have to wait until September 4th to pick up the DLC.

Source: Gamezone

08/30/2013 11:35AM


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