Rockstar Gives Life to Grand Theft Auto 5 through Homepage Updates
Grand Theft Auto V
The Rockstar games webiste has just been updated with a variety of new extras geared towards Grand Theft Auto V. This travel log, designed to breathe lifte into Grand Theft Auto V's city, Los Santos, gives updates about things in GTA's open world such as entertainment and the police. One piece, demonstrating the absurd violence that Rockstar's cops are known for, says, "Resident Rosby Wilkins was aggressively recording Police activity with a camera phone and refused to cease.  Officers arrested Wilkins and for good measure shot his dog." 
Feel free to hop on over to the Rockstar website to check out the myriad of amusing anecdotes about Los Santos for yourself:   Source: Press Release
09/06/2013 01:10PM


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