Elder Scrolls Online Wasn’t Originally Planned for Consoles
The Elder Scrolls: Online
According to Adam Boyes, Sony’s VP of developer relations, The Elder Scrolls Online was never planned to come to consoles until Sony sat down with Bethesda and kept poking them. “We just kind of kept sitting with [Bethesda] and being like, ‘Why not?’… There’s no reason [not to.] They’re like, ‘we’re not planning it,’ and I’m like, ‘Well, what if we built a plan that we could do that?'” “Step one is always ‘what are you guys working on?’” said Boyes, describing Sony’s content-submission process. “We are always scouring the industry… and because we are one of the few platforms they usually give us special access to talk about their future plans.” Boyes looks at The Elder Scrolls Online’s console release as a feather in his and Sony’s cap. “Knowing that a game’s coming to console that was never going to come to console, that’s the kind of stuff that is, like, ‘Yes!’ you know? Hugely awesome!”      
The Elder Scrolls Online will be released  in 2014 on PC, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One. The game will require a $14.99 monthly subscription.
Source: Game Informer
Angelo M. D'Argenio
Angelo M. D'Argenio

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Date: 09/07/2013

09/07/2013 01:45AM


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