Final Fantasy X|X2 HD Remaster Paired with Limited Edition White PS Vita
  Turning the keys in the Final Fantasy printing press yet again, Square Enix has announced that the coming release of Final Fantasy X|X2 HD Remaster will be paired with a new and exclusive PlayStation Vita. Square has also shown that they know their audience: the sleek, white handheld bears the Macalania Spring scene which Final Fantasy fans are so fond of.  Unfortunately, the game’s release date is still left at a tentative 2013, as no further details—including price—were provided. But hey, if you’re holding out on a Vita, you can take the opportunity to gush over Final Fantasy.     
Recently, Sony lowered the the price of the Vita by $50, and the company also lowered the price of the Vita memory cards by a considerable ammount.  So hopefully, the price of the bundle will be lower than prices of bundles past. 
Source: Joystiq
09/09/2013 08:40PM


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