Killer is Dead Director, Suda 51, Leads New PS4 Exclusive
  SCEJA Press Conference 2013 yielded a motley crew of PS4 titles and announcements, among them a delayed Eastern launch date for the system and details on the multiplatform status of the next Guilty Gear. Also heading the pack was a joint project from GungHo Online Entertainment and Grasshopper Manufacture: Lily Bergamo, an action game to be directed by the ever-quirky Goichi Suda, the mind behind the recent Killer is Dead.  
Although the game’s reveal trailer (seen above) leaves plenty to be answered, we can nail down a few things: The game stars a female lead (presumably the flame-haired fighter in the trailer); Lily Bergamo will likely be a fighting or hack-and-slash game with a prominent Eastern influence; and, given good-old Suda’s involvement, we can expect something radically over-the-top.
Source: Gematsu
09/09/2013 08:45PM


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