Vin Diesel Confirms New Chronicles of Riddick Game


In a recent interview with IGN, Vin Diesel, Riddick himself, confirmed that the Starbreeze development team behind Escape from Butcher Bay, the 2004 Riddick release, will be reforming in order to put out a third entry in the Chronicles of Riddick series.


Strangely enough, according to Diesel, the third Riddick installment is following the growing trend of an online emphasis and will likely be “more of an MMO game” than a traditional Riddick romp. Of course, MMO has transitioned from its World of Warcraft stigma into a simple emphasis on multiplayer or “online persistence,” so single-player fans shouldn’t palm their faces just yet.



Developers from all across the gaming landscape tout the buzzword "MMO," so the new Riddick game should have plenty of company in its genre. 


Source: IGN

09/11/2013 11:00AM


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