This Is What Makes Grand Theft Auto V So Special

Denizens of the Internet can't escape Grand Theft Auto V.  Articles discussing the game's merits, flaws, content, and extras wait at every webiste.  Why do we spend the weeks before and after the game's release discussing it so frequently? What makes Grand Theft Auto so special?

The folks over at The Examiner take a close look this question.  In a recent article, they pinpoint the exact reason why gamers can't stop talking about Rockstar's newest game: freedom of choice. Point by point, they make the case that Grand Theft Auto is so successful not because you can gleefully parachute out of an airplane and rain bazooka shots onto a street lined with stolen cars, but because you can choose to do so. 

So hop on over to The Examiner and check it out, especially that critique at the end about how dismissing Grand Theft Auto as nothing more than violent escapism is lazy. 

For more great GTA V content, including news, feature coverage, and an in-depth review, head on over to Game On, powered by Examiner. Also check them out Sunday because they will be starting a Splinter Cell: Blacklist (Xbox 360) giveaway.

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by CheatCC
09/13/2013 06:40PM


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