Microsoft Delays Fable Anniversary Until 2014 but Still Won't Release It on the Xbox One

Developer Lionhead Studios today announced that the HD remake of Fable, Fable Anniversary, will not be available until February 2014. The game was originally set for a holiday 2013 release and was slated to be the Xbox 360’s only first-party release of the year. Anniversary’s delay will leave the console dry for the year, which doesn’t reflect well on Microsoft’s recent promise to support the 360 for the next three years.


Responding to fan inquiry on cross-gen availability, the studio tweeted out the following: “There are no plans to bring Fable Anniversary to Xbox One. Fable Legends however will be on Xbox One.” Fable Legends is an online-focused installment in the Fable series, currently set for a beta debut on Xbox One early 2014.

Source: Gameinformer

09/14/2013 02:10AM


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