Man, Grand Theft Auto V Is So Gorgeous--Take a Look
Grand Theft Auto V
The folks over at WCCF Tech compiled a list of Grand Theft Auto V videos and images to marvel at.  Fair warning, though, some of these videos are leaks, so if you want to avoid spoilers, it might be best to just read the article and stop before scrolling too far down the page. Anyway, you can check them out here at WCCF Tech.
Although the images look amazing, it's the map that really stands out.  The intricate system of roads weaving together to form a city looks immensely fun to drive around in.  If the map's as big as they say it is, I'm going to spend hours just driving around, taking in the gorgeous scenery in this well-crafted game.  Seriously, everything in Grand Theft Auto V looks astounding:  Danger vibrates inside the lightning bolts and heat explodes off the fires.   That one epic picture where an airplane flies down a runway towards a striking lightning bolt is stunning.    
Anyway, Grand Theft Auto V comes out Tuesday.  And those pictures were just the appetizers I needed to get me hungry for the main course. 
Source: WCCF Tech
by CheatCC
09/14/2013 01:30PM


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