Grand Theft Auto Almost Didn't Happen
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Welcome to GTA Day! It’s a day filled with news about everyone’s favorite crime-based game series, Grand Theft Auto, in celebration of the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto V.

The Guardian just posted a really interesting video. It tells the story of the development of Grand Theft Auto, not the GTA V that we are all looking forward to, but the original Grand Theft Auto for the PlayStation. Lest you think that the world of game development is just like being a Rockstar (get it?), here's some proof that the industry can get rough. The original GTA developers had tons of problems. Their programmers were not speaking with their story people, which caused a bizarre mishmash of plot and gameplay. The game engine had to be tweaked multiple times just to get the top-down view to work. The PS1 and PC versions had different content due to different time schedules. They, at one point, describe the process as “trying to nail jelly to kittens.” … Eww.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! In addition to all the technical issues, the team had to deal with the controversy that eventually erupted due to the game’s violent nature. Who would have thought that this troubled game would eventually become one of the biggest franchises in the gaming industry?

Give the video a watch and tell us what you think as we all look forward to Grand Theft Auto V’s release tomorrow!

Source: The Guardian

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Angelo M. D'Argenio

Former Contributing Writer
Date: 09/16/2013

09/16/2013 04:05PM


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