Dying Light Shines at PAX Prime
Dying Light
Nowadays, the zombie genre resembles its subjects. Maybe each game had its own life once upon a time, but now, each game blends with the next, shambling around the gaming landscape looking for people.  So when a website calls a zombie game one of the standouts at a convention, we here at CheatCC consider it an event. The folks over at The Game Fanatics consider Dying Light one of the best games of PAX Prime.  This first-person survival game utilizes parkour gameplay mechanics and a dense city to try and deliver a thrill that zombie games have been lacking for a good, long while.

 The report over at Fanatics suggests that Dying Light does more than just try to bring something new to the oversaturated genre; it succeeds.  So what happened to the hoard of zombie games to make them lose their individuality? They began to share too much between each other. Dead Island, Left 4 Dead, and even Resident Evil borrow so heavily from each other they seem like they could have been made by the same game studio.  Even this year's highly rated The Last of Us uses cues from zombie games past. 

 So what sets Dying Light apart? According to Game Fanatics, it's the combination of gameplay and setting. The author of this article praises highly the parkour elements of Dying Light, comparing the movements with the extremely well-done gameplay of Mirror's Edge.  But the movement only serves a means to a much more impressive end: "All [mobility] does is open up the world for the player to explore.  What really makes the game shine is what the player is doing in that world." These activities vary immensely, and to read about them, head on over to Game Fanatics
Dying Light just earned itself a place on our must-watch list.  To read more about the game's PAX Prime demo, mosy over to the Fanatics website and check it out.
Source: The Game Fanatics
by CheatCC
09/16/2013 07:20PM


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