Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V Enchants the Disenchanted
Grand Theft Auto V
VG247's Dave Cook just couldn't get into the Grand Theft Auto games. I mean, sure, he liked them, but he had issues with the games that kept him from enjoying them like other people do. These issues included the soulless side-missions and obligatory, unimaginative story missions. These problems, coupled with his compulsion to complete everything in a game, prevented him from enjoying the sandbox genre that Grand Theft Auto inhabits.  In fact, he wrote an article about it. Well, recently, Cook got his hands on a copy of Grand Theft Auto V, and, according to this post, his issues with GTA don't carry over into GTA V.
So what changed? Well, it seems that Grand Theft Auto V infuses its missions with more heart and creativity than previous games did.  A mission Cook uses as an example spotlights this change. The mission, one of Michael's, begins with Micahel bonding with his son over a bike race.  His simple goal of beating his son soon morphs into something much larger, and Michael ends up racing to save his daughter from some skeevy dudes, utilizing a jet-ski to do so and racing through the sewer systems in the process.  The way the missions escalate captivate Cook's attention, keeping him invested in a way the missions of the previous games didn't.  
The opinions of one guy lack the power to speak for an entire gaming populace. However, this one guy, Cook, wrote a well-reasoned blog post about a volatile topic on the Internet, something genuinely difficult to do. This volatile topic concerned why he couldn't get invested in most Grand Theft Auto games.  And if Grand Theft Auto V captivates him, this means it has the power to convert what few non-GTA fans still remain in the gaming community.  How big is this game going to get?
Source: Be sure to check out VG247 for Cook's opinion on everything Grand Theft Auto V is doing right.
09/17/2013 10:05AM


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