Sony Wants To Sell 5 Million PS4s by March 2014


I'll admit, one of the biggest concerns I have about trying to get my hands on a PlayStation 4 this holiday season will be the scalpers. I still vividly remember logging on to eBay during the holiday season following the launch of the Xbox 360 and regularly finding consoles selling for as much as $3,000, and in some cases, even more. Sony plans to battle that problem this year by holding back some of its initial stock for its fall launch.

"We want to make sure people can buy a PS4 on November 15 and through the holidays. We can pre-sell every unit we can manufacture, and the good news is that production yields have been phenomenal. We're going to work very hard to make sure that every consumer that wants one gets one." said Jack Tretton of Sony Computer Entertainment America.  


Sony has set the bar pretty high regarding its sales mark as well. During the key note conference, Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House stated that Sony intends to sell over five million consoles in 2013--a lofty promise indeed. A promise that led to a clarification being posted to Twitter that would state Mr. House was referring to the end of the "fiscal" year, which would be the end of March in 2014.


Sources: TwitterFoxbusiness

Jason Messer
Jason Messer

Editor-in-Chief / Video Content Director
Date: 09/19/2013

09/19/2013 05:10PM


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