Grand Theft Auto V Petition To Bring Game to PC Reaches 400,000 Signatures
Grand Theft Auto V
There is no doubt modding and PC gaming go together like peas and carrots (as my man Forest Gump would put it). So how is it that Grand Theft Auto V, which will no doubt become game of the year in 2013, gets no PC love?  Now, I can tell you from hours of experience, modding a GTA game is awesome. If I had a nickel for every time I outran the cops in my Batmobile just to jump into a Delorean and fly get the idea. By the way, those are absolutely real things you can do in a GTA game these days, and it's all because of the power and creativity of the mod community.

 Well, the same communities that brings you such fun and innovate tweaks refuse to just pack up their Photoshop tools and go home. After taking to the web and starting a petition on, they've garnered over 400,000 signatures in an attempt to sway Rockstar into bringing a port of Grand Theft Auto V to PC. In fact, it's the largest video game campaign the site has ever seen and the 10th largest overall in the site's history.      
It's looking good and if the support stays strong (which is likely to only grow), Rockstar simply can't ignore it.
Jason Messer
Jason Messer

Editor-in-Chief / Video Content Director
Date: 09/19/2013

09/19/2013 06:40PM


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