Headbutt a Car to Make It Explode in this Strange GTA V Secret
Grand Theft Auto V
The huge world of Grand Theft Auto V hides countless secrets within it. These secrets range from the neat to the mind-blowingly absurd.  A recent Grand Theft Auto V video revealed an odd secret that definitely leans towards the absurd side of the scale.  If you get enough height, and you perform a frontflip into a car--that car will explode. 

 This isn't a secret ultimate weapon by any means.  This move will undoudtedly kill your character and force you to re-load the game.  I mean, you're dropping your guy head first into a car from the top of a building.  Still, even though it's not the ultimate secret move of massive destruction, it is absurdly entertaining. 
To perform the move, you have to jump and then attack.  This combination of buttons starts your character on a slow, masochistic flip. Without enough height, this flip resembles a flying headbutt:  a headbutt you can use to attack people, cars, or, if you're feeling not particularly sane, a wall.   To see what all you can do with this "flip" move, head on over to BroBible and check out the video.  While you're there, you might as well stop by the main page to check out one more pretty cool Grand Theft Auto Easter egg.  
Source: BroBible
by CheatCC
09/20/2013 06:40PM


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