Pokemon X and Y New Fossil Pokemon Revealed
Pokemon X & Y
As October approaches, and with it, the Nintendo 2DS and Pokemon X and Y, the storm that is Pokemon news thickens dramatically. We’ve already seen a wealth of information, most regarding the new Pokemon Mega Evolutions, some of which are pretty damn cool, others uninspired. And now, alongside a reveal illuminating the starter Pokemon’s evolutions, Nintendo has announced this generation’s Fossil Pokemon.

Fossil Pokemon, for those who don’t know, are Pokemon that are acquired as fossils and then must be revived before they can be used. For people who only sort of remember Pokemon from many years ago, Kabuto and Omanyte were fossil Pokemon.

So, now that we’re all caught up to speed, the new Fossil Pokemon that players will have to look forward to are called Tyrunt and Amaura.

Tyrunt will be a Rock/Dragon type Pokemon, capable of evolving into the infinitely fiercer looking Tyrantrum. Both will have the Strong Jaw ability, so biting moves like Crunch will be strengthened.

 Amaura, on the other hand, will be a Rock/Ice type, giving it type advantage over its counterpart. Amaura will eventually evolve into Aurorus; a Pokemon that boasts the Refrigerator ability, which will enable Amaura and Aurorus to turn Normal type moves into Ice. This opens up a wealth of STAB opportunities and strategies for this Pokemon.

 The only question left to ask at this point is, will these two new Pokemon boast Mega Evolutions as well, or do we now know all there is to know about the next generation’s fossil Pokemon? With under a month to go until launch, I’m sure we’ll soon know for certain.

 Source: Pokemon X and Y website
Benjamin Maltbie
Benjamin Maltbie

Contributing Writer
Date: 09/23/2013

09/23/2013 05:20PM


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