Grand Theft Auto V's Voice Actors Speak Up about the Game's Violence
Grand Theft Auto V

GTA doesn’t glamorize violence, this coming directly from the horse’s mouth (three horses actually), when the voice actors behind Grand Theft Auto V's main characters sat down with PCAdvisor.

In an interview that speaks with the three individuals at the center of much of the violence in GTA V, they explain how the game is no different than many other forms of media, including what you would see on the hit TV series Breaking Bad and in violent movies.

Ned Luke, who plays Michael de Santa, explains that even though his character is powerful and rich, in many ways it’s destroyed his life in the process. “The biggest misconception is that it glamorizes violence. It really doesn't. If you look at my character, Michael, he's rich, but he's a miserable man. Even in the commercials you see that. This is a guy who's struggling with his life's decisions. He's trying to become a good guy, but he can't. He just has all these demons that he's battling. It's the struggle.”

Actor Steven Ogg (who voices Trevor) references one of the most successful hit TV shows of the last decade, Breaking Bad, saying, “There are so many other things to talk about. Look at what's on TV. Breaking Bad had that episode where ********** got his face blown off. There's a lot of intense stuff out there.”

The controversy of gaming violence translating to real world crime has once again reared its ugly head, with the rash of recent shootings. Shawn Fonteno, a real-life former gang member himself, talks about voicing Franklin: “Then they hear about the violence and they're instantly going to attack because it's a game. Now, if it was a movie it would be a different story and these same people would be out there supporting it,” he said.

For a deeper look into the true facts about video game violence, be sure to check out my article "GTA V Will Not Turn You into a Psychopath, We Promise."

Source: PC Advisor

Jason Messer
Jason Messer

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Date: 10/09/2013

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