DICE Reveals Details on Battlefield 4’s Spectator Mode
Battlefield 4

Online shooters are not always about headshots and grenades. Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and watch the action. This is what Battlefield 4's Spectator mode is all about. Spectator Mode will allow you to view and review games from a variety of different angles. You can view battles in first or third-person, tabletop, and freecam. First and third-person modes do pretty much what they say on the tin. Tabletop view is very similar to the commander view, which give you a top down view of the entire battlefield.  Finally, freecam mode actually allows you to move several different freely moving cameras around the battlefield as you wish, capturing whatever angle of the action you like.

There are also a number of other nifty features in Spectator mode as well. You will be able to overlay the screen with game data, including kills, objectives, remaining time, score, and even each squad member’s health, classes, and loadouts. Four spectator slots will be available per servers and are excluded from the number of players that can usually join. So you are never battling for player space just because someone is watching. The maximum amount of people that can connect to a server is 64 players, two commanders, and four spectators.

For more information on Battefield 4's Spectator mode, be sure to check out the official Battlefield Blog Post.

Source: Battlefield Blog

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Angelo M. D'Argenio

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Date: 10/11/2013

10/11/2013 04:20PM


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