The Cartridge Family Uses Video Game Nostalgia to Create a Twisted Sitcom

What happens when you mix the sitcom formula, a love of video games, and scathing humor? You get The Cartridge Family, an online show that capitalizes on video game nostalgia to delicious effect. 

The show features imitations of three video game icons: Mario, Link, and Mega Man as they navigate the inescapable perils of living in the real world, a real world they were pulled into when an average guy tries to play a very special game. 

The first episode of The Cartride Family, The Battle for Employment, moves at a rapid pace that jumps form joke to joke.  These jokes range from the Mario character actually taking on a real plumbing job to the implications that a real Mega Buster would have on day-to-day life.  

You can check out the first episode on YouTube. Then, if you enjoy the show, you can head on over to indiegogo and crowdfund the first season. 


by CheatCC
10/18/2013 06:05PM


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