Analyst Speculates Ubisoft Delayed Watch_Dogs in Response to Grand Theft Auto V's Success

Ubisoft has no intention of going toe to toe with such a huge powerhouse like the GTA franchise without brings its A game. According to one analyst, this was directly responsible for seeing the delay of Watch_Dogs.

Ubisoft recently announced that Watch_Dogs would no longer be a next-gen launch title, as the company needs more time to polish the game. Mike Hickey, a Benchmark Company analyst, recent spoke with the New York Times and explained he feels this was completely reactionary to the huge success of GTA V. “The success of Grand Theft Auto V has put a lot of pressure on Watch_Dogs. They want it to be their next big franchise,” said Hickey.

Rockstar has been working to resolve similar glitches and issues recently in Grand Theft Auto V, with both GTA V and GTA Online requiring extensive tech support to troubleshoot various problems. However, this has not hindered its success in the slightest, as its broken record after record and has easily become the most commercially successful entry of the franchise.

Hickey praises Ubisoft for making a move that he feels will strategically benefit the company's next-gen title. He says: “The delays bring into question the original timeline put forward by Ubisoft, but they want to give it the best opportunity for sustained success. The company made the right decision. They could have put out a lower-quality game, but it’s best to wait to get it right.”

Source: New York Times

Jason Messer
Jason Messer

Editor-in-Chief / Video Content Director
Date: 10/19/2013

10/19/2013 01:25AM


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