Developers Answer Questions about Killzone: Shadow Fall
Killzone: Shadow Fall

A recent Twitter Q&A session with Director Steven Ter Heide provided fans with plenty of information about the upcoming PlayStation 4 launch title, Killzone: Shadow Fall. He began by noting that the events in Shadow Fall happen thirty years after the first Killzone trilogy, so while there are references to the original games that fans will enjoy, new players can enter the series at this point without feeling lost. Ter Heide also estimated the single-player campaign's playthrough time at over ten hours.

Many of the questions were about Shadow Fall's multiplayer features. The game will not allow for co-op campaign play, but players can work together in a special arena-based mode against waves of enemies. Multiplayer action is online, as split-screen co-op will not be available. Dedicated servers will host online Shadow Fall matches, so players won't have to worry about peer-to-peer host advantages. There will be no vehicles available in multiplayer matches this time around.

Many other questions involved methods of advancement in the game. Players can complete challenges to increase their rank, but there are no experience points in Shadow Fall, as the developers wanted player advancement to be based on skill rather than time. All weapons will be unlocked from the start, but weapon attachments are earned by completing challenges, and “pretty much” all of the twenty-two weapons in the game can be customized with these unlockable attachments.

A few miscellaneous questions rounded out the session. Ter Heide stated that the DualShock 4's touch pad will be used to quickly select the OWL drone's mode during the single-player campaign. In multiplayer mode, it will be used to bring up menus. Finally, in response to a question about hand-to-hand takedowns, we learned that several melee moves will available including combination takedowns and drop kills.

Source: PlayStation Blog

Becky Cunningham
Becky Cunningham

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Date: 10/22/2013

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