EVE Online Sells Swag to Celebrate Anniversary
EVE Online
While big fantasy MMOs such as EverQuest and World of Warcraft get the lion's share of public attention, EVE Online has carved a special niche for itself, attracting a dedicated audience of players who enjoy its science-fiction setting and competitive player versus player rules.

To celebrate its first decade, EVE developer CCP Games is selling EVE: The Second Decade Collector's Edition, a box full of collectable physical and digital items commemorating ten years of EVE Online history.  The physical items in this package include a USB hub shaped like a Rifter ship; a hardcover book chronicling the history of the game; an English-language version of The Danger Game, a board game created by CCP that helped fund the development of EVE Online; and an EVE Symphony CD.

The Collector's Edition also includes a variety of digital items, including PLEX currency and exclusive in-game items for both EVE Online and CCP's multiplayer shooter DUST 514. It is now up for sale on the EVE Store for $150 plus shipping.

Becky Cunningham
Becky Cunningham

Site Editor
Date: 10/24/2013

10/24/2013 04:20PM


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