SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Launch Trailer Revealed

Despite having a more than a rough start, SimCity seems to be well on its way to getting its first expansion pack, Cities of Tomorrow; it has a November release. For those of you who stuck with the game, and weren’t scared off by its initial always-on DRM, you may be interested in knowing that the expansion’s launch trailer has been revealed! The launch trailer gives you humorous infomercial-like suggestions on how to use Cities of Tomorrow’s new “go green or go greed” feature to manipulate and transform your city to either an environmentally friendly metropolis, or a gas-guzzling dystopia--or a mixture of both!

Each avenue, green or greed, offers its own respective mega-corporation and technologies, which in turn infers that you can you construct landmarks such as the MagLev for green, or a giant Pacific Rim-like robot for greed. I assume the two aren’t mutually exclusive if you choose to build a hybrid city of both green and greed, but they just might be. Perhaps unlocking these things requires hitting a certain point on the green/greed spectrum; too much one way gets A, too much the other way gets B. However, that’s just speculation on my part. I may not be the only one getting Anno 2070 vibes here.

In the press release, from which I obtained this information from, it’s described that the city will change whenever a building from the Cities of Tomorrow expansion is placed near buildings from the base game. At least that’s how I’m interpreting it. Which sounds interesting, watching your city physically evolve the more you place down new content. As well as that, the expansion pack includes new regions, technologies, transportation methods, and specializations.

SimCity, from what I’ve seen of the base game, really does seem like the sort of game I would portion of my life into, but the always-on DRM just put me right off it. Perhaps when/if they figure out a way to make it offline (an idea that is currently being explored), then I’ll consider sinking a couple of weekends into it.

What do you think of SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow? Let us know in the comments!

Chirps to a press release. Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!

10/29/2013 10:45PM


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