Redbox Instant PS3 App Now Available

So if you don’t already have a fancy video-streaming app on your PlayStation 3, and have a low selection of movies at hand, then downloading Verizon’s Redbox Instant app may be an option for you!

Having been released today, Redbox Instant allows you to access and stream apparently thousands of movies. Additionally, it also allows you to find and reserve newly released DVDs/Blu-rays to later be picked up at one of more than 43,000 Redbox Instant kiosks, should you want to. All from the comfort of wherever your PS3 happens to be. Of course, you could just digitally buy it, but buying an actual physical hardcopy of anything is just as okay (if that’s the thing you’re going to do).

For a price of $8 a month, Redbox Instant also lets you have four DVD rental nights from the Redbox kiosk every month. What’s more, should you spend that little extra penny, you can even rent Blu-rays for the additional price of just one more dollar. Don’t fancy subscribing? Well, Verizon has got you covered, because you can just buy/rent movies digitally via Redbox’s on-demand feature for a one-time purchase, without having to fork out money every month.

Exclusive to the PS3, Redbox Instant will be implementing a playlist feature. This playlist feature is “a specially-curated collection of Redbox Instant by Verizon movies from our subscription movie library, just for you.” So, I imagine that it just filters movies so that you only get movies that are to your liking.

So, if you want something else in the selection of movie-streaming services, and if you have any particular interest, then you may want to at least check out what Redbox Instant has to offer.

Would you consider downloading the Redbox Instant app to your PS3? Let us know in the comments!

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10/29/2013 10:55PM


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