The Lost Game of the Fable Developers

Is it true that the cream always rises to the top? What about the cream that never gets the chance, even though it may deserve it? Peter Molyneux sheds some light on exactly why this is an all too common occurrence in the world of game development.

The Fable creator told Edge in a recent interview about one project that was in unreleased, featuring a post-apocalyptic world: “Actually the game I should talk about is Survivors. The premise of the game – this happened just after Microsoft acquired [Lionhead] and we were working on it and had a prototype and everything – was that the game opens, you’re a member of a family, there’s you, and you play the wife or the husband, with two kids and you’re sitting around watching TV and suddenly there’s this newsflash – and it comes up and says there’s a meteor going hit and you’re got 15 minutes – the world’s going to end. What are you going to do?”

An interesting concept for sure, as shows like Survivor Man and various other survival series are all the rage now. It’s common to see some expert dropped into an inhospitable environment (what’s the deal with them always being naked lately?) and then you watch as they gather resources in order to survive.

“We had this incredibly cool climbing mechanic, because one of the joys of the game was that you weren’t like an expert you were just a housewife or just a guy. So you started the game quite fat and chubby and we did the reverse of what we did with Fable…” Molyneux said.

Source: Edge

Jason Messer
Jason Messer

Editor-in-Chief / Video Content Director
Date: 10/30/2013

10/30/2013 09:00AM


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