War Thunder Celebrates Its First Year with Five-Million Players

Currently my most frequent F2P game, War Thunder tickles that one itch I have: to fly around in WWII aircraft in a semi-authentic way. I didn’t actually know just how young War Thunder is, and a press release from Gaijin Entertainment served to shed some light on that fact.

Gaijin are celebrating not one, but two landmarks in War Thunder’s history (one of them being its first birthday). Its other landmark is the fact that over five-million players have taken to the skies in War Thunder, engaging in dogfights, strafing runs, and--sometimes--the occasional “ramming."

Since its inception, there have been almost 100 additional planes added, along with new game modes and game improvements. It is also said to be the first Russian game to be coming to PS4, and is also being developed for Mac and Oculus Rift, all whilst still being in open beta. 

Gaijin’s CEO Anton Yudintsev expressed his joy for these two milestones, and announced a special event for players, “To those who have served, and to those who continue to step up to answer the call of duty in War Thunder – we salute you! In your honor Gaijin Entertainment is organizing Golden Battles on November 3rd and 10th – this is a good chance for all players to improve their balance and get a unique decal to decorate their planes!

What do you think of War Thunder having its first birthday, and reaching over five-million players? Let us know in the comments!

Chirps to press release. Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you next time

11/05/2013 02:45AM


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