Killzone: Shadow Fall's Ultra High Bitrate Footage and New Trailer

"Unfortunately, there are limitations to streamed video on the internet, and many of the clips and trailers we’ve released thus far aren’t being viewed in the best possible fidelity and framerate," wrote Michiel van der Leeuw on Killzone’s blog yesterday. I couldn’t help but read the above sentence in a snarky, uppity voice–and the nerdiness continues; ‘in order to properly demonstrate the framerate and resolution we achieve in Shadow Fall’s multiplayer, we’ve captured and lightly compressed new footage that we’re not offering through a video sharing service." Lightly compressed, eh? Does it come garnished with a sprig of shrapnel? Lightly peppered with gunfire?

So instead of uploading the footage online, the developers are encouraging fans to download the "high-resolution, uncompressed footage," or video for short, from this link.

The video gives you a great sense of what to expect come release; the action is incredibly smooth with high particle effects and incredibly sharp textures.  The game runs at a native 1080p and never drops below a steady 60fps. I take everything back–Michiel van der Leeuw, I give you permission to be as uppity as you desire.

The devs also released a brand new trailer to celebrate the fact that you can pre-order a copy of the game as of yesterday. Killzone Shadow Fall will be released on 15th November. Just in time for Christmas:


11/05/2013 05:35PM


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