Terraria Updates Console Version to Not-Quite 1.2

505 Games announced yesterday that players of the console version of Terraria will be getting a hefty update today that includes several bug fixes and, most temptingly, some 1.2 teaser content. Apparently, the update "is a direct result of our earlier announced full code-rewrite of the Xbox 360 version," which sounds like quite an epic task. Certainly, on scrolling down for the specifics, there’s a larger number of bullet points under the Xbox 360 heading; the first being "big performance improvements," which contrasts the Playstation 3’s more "general performance improvements."

505 Games also offered a partial overview of what 1.2 teaser content can be found in the game, including:

  • Incorporated 1.2 updated biome background graphics, new sun and moon graphics
  • Incorporated new low-tier armor sets and their recipes
  • Certain item stack sizes have been increased from 250 to 999
  • Added animations for water, water sparkles, life crystals, shadow orbs, furnace and hell forge
  • Added random sizes for Zombies and Demon Eyes
  • Added new enemy sprites: Pincushion Zombie, Slimed Zombie, Female Zombie, Twiggy Zombie, Swamp Zombie, Shroom Zombie

Console players are eagerly awaiting the full 1.2 update, which PC gamers have been able to access since the 1st of October. 

Source: Terraria Online Forums

11/05/2013 05:50PM


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