Top-Shelf Graphics Cards GTX780Ti and Radeon 290 Details and Price Revealed

Big news for high-end PC gamers and aficionados alike: The upcoming graphics cards from both Nvidia and AMD--the Radeon R9 290, and the allegedly long-awaited GTX 780Ti--have been thoroughly benchmarked and compared against each other, and priced!

Across the board, 780Ti--priced at $699 (£435.68)--seems to be a superior graphics card when compared to the 290’s brother--the 290X--at standard resolutions (2560×1600 for the most part), albeit in conditions that appear to be in the 780Ti’s favour. I say that because apparently the 290X wasn’t being used to its fullest potential, and that the comparison information itself is allegedly from Nvidia, according to So, it can be very likely that Nvidia deliberately made sure that the 780Ti was in the limelight, but that’s only speculation.

As is what AMD is known for, the 290 itself--priced at $400 (£249.31)--is a graphics card with a big bang-for-buck ratio (even being superior than the 290X on some games at the highest resolutions), but with that extra oomph comes a catch: the graphics runs hotter and louder than the 290X, according to Anand Tech, where the GPU hits temperatures of 95 degrees within minutes. With that being said, the 290 is being lauded as a very likely contender to the 780Ti.

What do you think of the GTX 780Ti and Radeon R9 290 benchmarks and prices? Let us know in the comments!

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11/05/2013 07:20PM


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