Capcom Showcases Moves of New Ultra Street Fighter IV Characters
Ultra Street Fighter IV

In a post on Capcom-Unity, Peter “Combofiend” Rosas showed off a few moves of the growing cast of Ultra Street Fighter IV. Remember, the new cast of USFIV is actually made up of the new characters that were introduced to Street Fighter X Tekken, by that we mean Rolento, Poison, Hugo, and Elena. The only character that will be completely new is a mystery fifth character. 

It doesn’t appear as if these SFXT characters’ move lists are changing all that much. Rolento can still throw his knife at multiple trajectories and can delay its release to play nifty spacing games. Hugo still has his trademark Hugo clap, but while this was great for pressure in Street Fighter X Tekken, it can be easily focus-attacked in Street Fighter IV. Poison has projectiles that she can charge up. The longer she charges, the bigger the projectile, but the less distance it covers. A fully charged projectile really can only be used as a close-in spacing tool or anti-air. Finally, Elena has incredible range with her long legs and capoeira attacks. Like the boxers Dudley and Balrog who only have punches, Elena only has kicks!

Ultra Street Fighter IV is also introducing a handful of new game mechanics as well. For example, characters can now choose a Double Ultra option in character select. This allows players to use both of their character's ultras at the same time, but each one does less damage than before. A new mechanic called Red Focus has also been introduced. It allows you to spend meter to allow your focus attack to soak more than one hit.

For more information on Ultra Street Fighter IV, head on over to Capcom Unity.

Source: Capcom Unity

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Angelo M. D'Argenio

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Date: 11/08/2013

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