PS4 Will Have Little-to-No Voice Commands at Launch

So, a bit of a gimmick with the Xbox One is that you can use voice commands via the Kinect, and it appears the PS4 will also have voice commands too, albiet the palette of commands will be significantly reduced compared to the Xbox One.

Well, for those of you who may still have a mistrust--irrational or otherwise--with the Xbox One and/or the Kinect will be happy to hear that the PS4 will hardly have any such gimmicky voice commands at launch, and there won’t be a voice command that involves commanding the console to “wake up” whilst on standby. Though, having said that, you will be able to tell it to switch off and to open up games.

None of the the third-party apps on the PS4 will have voice commands at launch too. However, Sony does apparently “hope” that third-party app developers will integrate voice commands into their apps in the future.

Even during Sony’s PS4 review event in New York City there were very little voice commands demonstrated, and there were allegedly no gesture commands shown at all.

So, it appears Sony has focused less on voice commands than Microsoft with their Xbox One, but maybe further down the PS4’s life, voice commands may be expanded upon, and further such functionalities may be integrated into the console and its apps. Time may tell.

Source: Engadget.

11/12/2013 01:30PM


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